System overview


TermoSense® is a wireless monitoring system that measures, reports, alarms, controls and records different types of conditions; temperature, humidity, lighting, water levels, air and refrigeration compressor conditions, ...

Numerous sensors, up to thousands, can form complete systems where everything can be observed in real time on the Internet from a computer or mobile phone. At undesirable conditions, the system alerts via SMS to one or more mobile phones. The system also shows graphically the changes over time and provides monthly reports with statistics, analysis and forecasts.

The system is highly scalable and easily adapted for both small and large plants. Thanks to being wireless, there is minimal impact on a plant's existing installations and spaces.

Benefits of the TermoSense® system:

  • As a customer with us you have your own TSI website on the Internet,, with status and statistics of the facility.
  • We will send you monthly reports with statistics, analysis and forecasts for the plant.
  • With service agreement, you are sure that SensiNet AB monitors the operation and ensures continuous functionality.
  • We also offer offline facilities, but then with limited opportunities for monitoring.
  • Telephone support and advice.

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Illustration - General TermoSense®-system
Illustrations - Industry-specific TermoSense®-system



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